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Ningbo Traditional Culture Reading Activities Carried out
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In order to celebrate the arrival of the twenty-second World Book and Copyright Day, on the evening of April 23rd, Ningbo Traditional Culture Reading Activities were carried out in the libraries of Ningbo Dahongying University, Ningbo Technician College library and Ningbo Institute of Technology.

Under the guidance of the host at the libraries, the attendees read “Three Character Primer” aloud together. Everyone was absorbed in these elegant words and beautiful rhythms, as if five thousand years’ history had streamed into the rooms. Followed by the venue were the lectures on traditional culture, which also attracted the attendees’ attention.
This activity was sponsored by the Black Apple Public Welfare Development Organization to promote the spread of Chinese traditional culture. They spent three months preparing this series of activities. Nearly 300 students participated in the on-site activities and 2000 attendees attended the activities on line. This series of activities turned out to be a great success.


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