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Opening Ceremony for Freshmen 2016 held at NIT
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On September 12, 2016, Opening Ceremony for Freshmen 2016 held at NIT. Ren Shaobo, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University, Jin Weiliang, President of NIT, Yingqin Fei, Party Secretary of NIT attended the opening ceremony.
Ren Shaobo extended his warmest welcome to all the freshmen to be a member of the family of Zhejiang University. He pointed out that NIT was the right choice for the freshmen since the Institute ranked first in the independent college of China since 2013, which has also made brilliant achievements in the aspect of students’ academic competitions, international exchanges, innovation and entrepreneurship training. He added that Ningbo Municipal Government and Zhejiang University signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on August 5 this year and NIT would develop more quickly in the future.

Jin Weiliang, on behalf of the NIT staff, briefly introduced the development of the Institute. He wished that all the freshmen could be ambitious, noble, and capable college students in the new era.
In the opening ceremony, the list of the scholarship winners was announced by Fei Yingqin. Jin Huang and Liu Liyuan expressed their expectations and wishes on behalf of the NIT teachers and freshmen respectively.



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