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Trees-planting Day at NIT
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March.12th is an annually important and meaningful day------The Tree Planting Day. On that day the “Green Wind” Environmental Protection Association initiated an effort to plant trees on campus. The purpose of this activity was to green our campus and arouse the awareness of environmental protection. This activity has received active response from the volunteers of "Complimentary Chinese Course". They took the initiative and to be a "green envoy".
Bright sunshine permitted the activity to go on after consecutive rainy days. All the volunteers were enthusiastic about tree planting. The schools logistics department provided the saplings and planting tools such as spades, pails etc.
Andy and Karen, two foreign teachers at NIT, were invited by the "Green Wind "Association, and planned to make some contributions to this environment event on campus. Karen held a spade, and skillfully dug a hole. Andy put the sweet camphor tree sapling into the hole and replaced the soil, addeding some water. The soil was then compacted to keep the tree straight. Nearby, several volunteers were digging a hole vigorously, and then, under the instruction of a skillful man, they successfully planted a tree. It's rewarding and beneficial!
Several minutes later, Sara and Denndooakiko came. Sara is the new comer from the "Complimentary Chinese Course". She was amazed by what she saw. Many people were planting trees there, which broadened her horizon. Neither did she know the tradition of planting trees in China, nor did she plant trees. Denndooakiko is a Japanese teacher from the School of Foreign Language Studies. She said that she was keen on nature. She was curious about the trees and flowers around her and she even didn't forget to take notes about what the flowers are and how to plant trees.
After planting the second tree, Andy and Karen came to help Sara and Denndooakiko. They chatted happily. Sara said that she loved to participate in such activities, because she not only knew how to plant trees, but also got a better understanding of Chinese culture.
After the activity, volunteers of "Complimentary Chinese Course" and "Green Wind" members took a group picture. Sara excitedly said:" As soon as I came to China, I get to know Lei Fengs spirit, and today I took part in the activity of planting trees, I am really glad. More importantly, I will bring this spirit to my homeland when I go back.


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