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Volunteers to Sichuan Building a Bridge of Love
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Recently, a graduate from the School of Foreign Language Studies organized a charitable activity to receive donations for the poor children in Sichuan Province.
"The rain was still falling at noon. Together with other two volunteers, I carried the supplies donated by students of NIT and took an hour's bus to the mine factory in Lizhou District." It is a diary entry written by Lu Zhenjie from Ningbo Institute of Technology, one of the volunteers serving as tutors in Sichuan Province. On March 3rd, the three university graduates made a one day trip to take schoolbags, stationery and money contributed by Youth Volunteers Association of the School of Foreign Language Studies (SFLS) to two children——Liu Chaoyou and Chen Yiran in Guangyuan District, Sichuan.
Last year, making use of his spare time, Lu Zhenjie went to local villages many times, visiting local families and teaching local kids voluntarily. During this process, he found out that a multitude of children, devoid of relatives or parents lacked the ability to live independently and receive an education. Thus, he had a strong desire to assist these impoverished children in need of help and care.
It happened that a teacher from NIT then called and asked about his work, hoping to make some contributions to the kids in the West. Soon after that, SFLS identified two orphans—— Liu Chaoyou and Chen Yiran as the first recipients of financial support. Thanks to the Youth Volunteers Association, many students had donated money and goods to the kids during the two-day fundraising activity.
When the school began, the donations representing the heart-felt love of students from SFLS was sent to Lu Zhenjie. Regardless of the heavy rain, he then in person took the new term gifts from NIT to the children. The two lonely and bitter hearts was then brimmed with warm care and love from the far-away college students.
"Go to the West, go to the basic units, go to the place that the motherland most in need of you"——since the launching of the plan "University Students Supporting the Western Region", every year a steady flow of graduates participated in it and dedicated their youth to the West, who were warmly welcomed by the local population. Thousands of volunteers are taking action to serve for the West. Although the light and warmth from a little flame might be dim, a prairie fire accumulated by single sparks must be of enormous power.


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