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"The Tour, The World" World Customs Exhibition
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On May 16th, the world customs exhibition, "The Tour, The World" was held at the open square, bringing a visual tour of the world.
The event aims at providing students with a platform for foreign cultural exchanges, showing different cultural customs to the NIT students. It is a showcase of various national histories, cultures, and folk customs.
The event has one main stage and seven branch sectors, respectively representing seven typical countries: Russia, Egypt, France, China, Arab, Japan and the United Kingdom. Our foreign friends, such as Andy and Karen also showed up on time.
The Student English Press Corps was responsible for an ancient country—Egypt, which is full of mystery. They presented the pictures of the mighty desert, the magnificent Nile River, the great Pyramid, the mystery woman under the veil, etc, all of which told us the beautiful scenery and profound history of an ancient country. The fabulous e-book showing the folk customs and festivals presented the charm of this unique nation. The wonderful movie Egyptian Cleopatra revealed how marvelous the country was. The game area attracted a multitude of students and foreign teachers. There were various guessing games. One of the games delighted many participants, that is, one person giving clues about the answer with body language and another trying to guess it correctly.
As one of the four ancient civilizations, Chinese traditional culture has always been very notable. In the China section, the Chinese paper cuttings were displayed and they were so neatly and precisely cut that everyone wanted to get them through the game "guessing the right dialect". Then the winners could write their wishes on the Chinese art paper by the writing brush. "The China sector not only presented us the diverse dialects in China but also the traditional folk culture in the old days", a student told us with joy. The rest sectors also brought the essence of their countries.. The Japanese booth offered tasty sushi made by the students themselves. The Russian booth showed the picturesque scenery, spectacular constructions, and delicate handcrafts of Russia as well.
"The Tour, The World" enriched students' college life, helped to build a harmonious campus, and, exhibited the characteristics of college students in new century.


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