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The Stories behind Success-An Interview with Outstanding Grads
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On the evening of May 15th, "A Dream of Youth"—the interview of outstanding graduates from the School of Foreign Language Studies was held. In the interviews, the grads shared their wonderful university life and their future paths.
The interview was divided into two parts. In the first chapter, Xia Jie, a Japanese grad who will receive postgraduate education in Donghua University, Zhu Ying, an English major who will study in Zhejiang Normal University as a postgraduate student, as well as the volunteer to Australia Guan Erjia shared their experiences in university life. They also provided a lot of advice on the postgraduate examination, studying abroad, and how to live a meaningful campus life. "If you set up your mind to participate in the postgraduate exam, then prepare in advance, make wise decisionsand persistently go for it." said Xia. Another outstanding grad working for theChina Construction Bank Chen Shuolu then suggested that as English majors, it was of great importance to learn the basic knowledge well, laying a solid foundation for future development. "Choose a road that is suitable to yourself according to your own reality." said Chen.
Guan mentioned that it was her experience in Complimentary Chinese Class that changed her whole lifes plan and motivated her to teach Chinese as a volunteer in Australia. Chen Xiaoxia, an expert in part-time jobs and off-campus activities, presented her story as a student part-timer—full of obstacles and hardships behind the rich working experience. "It really counts to strike a balance between work and study. A good plan and emphasis on efficiency will help a lot." said Chen Xiaoxia. Their valuable and inspiring words truly impressed the students..
In between, the VCR transcribed by juniors, sophomores and freshmen as a surprise gift to the grads moved the audiencegreatly . In the end, many students put up questions and interacted with the guests enthusiastically. Li Wei—Secretary of the Youth League Committee also expressed thanks and blessings to the grads.


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