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Campus Culture and Art Festival -Ancient Fair
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-By Shao Shengliang, Huang Hui
In order to spread the idea of "humanity and art campus ", to encourage young students to participate in various cultural activities, to establish a harmonious campus, the 9th Campus Culture and Arts Festival of NIT, was held by Youth League Committee, Students' Association Union and Huaxia Cutural association.
With the theme of " Feeling the spirt and rhyme of culture and art," this Festival covered six topics and more than 30 activities, from "landscape of the art and literature" to "club carnival", from "love and culture week" to "Creative DIY".
On November 13th , an activity -- ancient fair was held in the open square from 18:00 to 21:30.This fair had two sections: ancient and modern. The modern part exhibited cars provided by Mingtong Auto retails. The ancient section composed of four parts, namely performance stage, game arena, small trade area and snack area. On the game area, came a student in the costume of "the God of Wealth" who attracted the attention of all the students by singing a song named "Cai shen Dao"in Cantonese while distributing some red paper envelopes to the lucky students. “The God of wealth” told us this activity aimed to show the charm of Cantonese.
In addition, there were some other activities. " Sanxi" Paintings Society displayed calligraphies and paintings. Shaoxing Opera, a gem of Chinese culture, was brought to the stage. A beautiful melody of Chinese zither was played by Ying Ning.
The fair ended in a pleasant atmosphere and received favorable comments. In short, the Ancient Fair has exploited the students' business potential, enriched their college life, helped to build a harmonious campus, and exhibited the characteristics of college students in the 21st century.



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