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NIT Sports Meeting: a Great Success
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On October 28th and 29 th, 2011,the Tenth Sports Meeting of NIT was held in the north playground. All the leaders and members of the organizing committee were presented in the opening ceremony.
Yu Chunming, Vice President of the college gave a speech and said that sports played a crucial role in ones life. The sports education was in accordance with the schools goal of promoting overall development and strengthening students physical and mental health. NIT achieved great success in the field of sports last year.
Fei Yingqin, the Secretary of the Party declared the sports meeting open. The representatives of referees and athletes took the oath respectively. There were 12 squares representing the schools and departments at NIT on the parade ground.
Over one and a half days, athletes worked hard to achieve their goals. Regardless of the result, all of the athletes displayed their excellence in their events.
At the conclusion of the sports meeting, the School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering was first place overall. This event strengthens the bond between students and teachers from different schools, showing the true spirit of NIT.

The Opening Ceremony

The winner of the long distance race

A Cheer-leading squad doing one of their routines

The School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering placed first


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