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A Grand Party Shakespeare Festival
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he Chinese Universities Shakespeare Festival is hosted annually by the English Shakespeare Study Committee and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This competition is now the highest level for English language and literature in China. From November 25th to 28th teachers from the Foreign Language School and students of the English Drama Club attended a pre-competition Master Class in Hangzhou to experience Shakespeare by learning from experienced scholars and to briefly showcase their talents during a dinner party.
A total of 14 schools sent representatives to join in the class, including Fudan University and Sichuan International Studies University. Professor Elizabeth from Peking University taught the students how to breathe successfully while acting.
During the three day event, Professor Elizabeth helped the students from all of the universities to better understand the drama patiently and let them try again and again, and then gently pointed out their mistakes. The delegation from NIT had prepared Shakespeares tragedy King Lear. The actors and actresses performed with enthusiasm, even though it is the first time the school participated in this great competition. Professor Elizabeth also kindly told the actors and actresses to express themselves precisely and vividly. She helped them to understand the characters better by demonstrating on her own..
In addition, the members of the club and the teachers had the opportunity to exchanges ideas with other attendees; the communications was a way to improve all the aspects of this competition. A student from Sichuan International Studies University said that it was a good chance for us to learn the basic theory of acting, especially in voice production. As Shakespeares works allows for more creativity, rather than being kept changeless. A member of our club said that we should grasp every opportunity to learn as much as we can.
The trip to the Hangzhou Master Class was enjoyed by all. No matter what the result, every member will have their own gains. It is a great stage to show the character of the students at NIT and a way to develop oneself.


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