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Charity Sales for Environmental Protection
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Recently, the Green Wind Environmental Protection Association of NIT attended a fund-raising event for the Zhejiang Youth Painting Show with the theme of "going with the stream of bamboo to beautify rivers". More than 1000 people from over 60 local university volunteer associations and environmental protection organizations participated. During the event, volunteers from the NIT Green Wind organization sold bamboo products and exhibited beautiful paintings drawn by pupils, attracting many passers-by to stop and look around.
The association collected more than 4700 yuan in this drive for environmental protection. The volunteers hoped it would not only raise peoples awareness of protecting the Qiantang River, but also actively urge the citizens to make positive contribution to comprehensively utilize water resources and cherish natural resources. The NIT Green Wind team wishes to devote themselves to the construction of ecological civilization in Ningbo and help to establish better and greener surroundings. Finally, the Green Wind Environmental Protection Association won the prizes of "Excellent Organization Award", "Special Contribution Award" and "Innovation Award".

Volunteers from the Green Wind Environment Association of NIT selling bamboo products


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