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The Postgraduate Entrance Exam and the ‘Big Blue Sky’
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Good news for the staff and friends of the NIT Post! Ye Mangmang, chairperson of the NIT Post's team of journalists, passed the postgraduate entrance exam with flying colors. This NIT Post reporter spoke with her about her experiences and her success.
As for this exam's level of difficulty, statistics from one study showed that 60% of those who take the exam think it's very difficult, 20% think it's "challenging"and the remaining 20% "don't know". But Ye Mangmang has her own opinions'I applied to Zhejiang Normal University and the major of Foreign and Applied Linguistics. I loved learning English and wanted to improve my skills, but I failed the college entrance exam. After that, I hoped that I would be able to pass the postgraduate entrance exam so that I could apply to a better school. I just attended normal classes, however, and never signed up for tutorials."
Ye continued, "If we make persistent efforts, we can achieve our dreams. When I was a junior at NIT, I saw many other students just playing around, but I chose to read books instead. Believe me, I wanted to enjoy the same leisure pursuits as they did, but I always recalled my father's advice "Stick to your goals and never give up!" The fact that I passed the postgraduate entrance exam is a testament to his wise words.”


When asked about the specifics of her study routine, Ye Mangmang responded, “The most important thing we can do is, quite simply, to study hard day by day and to complete all of one's class assignments. Of course, you get tired at times and this makes it even harder to learn, but you must establish a solid academic foundation in order to succeed in the end. It's interesting that my progress in English-language studies accelerated considerably as soon as I set myself the aim to pass the postgraduate entrance exam. I even learned a lot from freshman English students! Now, I can say that I am very proud of my accomplishment."
So, to all of you readers who may also be considering taking the postgraduate entrance exam, we say “Persist in your efforts and travel far up into the "big blue sky"of your dreams!


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