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High School Students Observe Scientific Experiments at NIT
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Recently, the students from YinZhou Foreign Language Middle School and Long Sai Middle School visited NIT to learn about what science was. Mr Jiang Weijian, a teacher from Physics Research and Innovation Laboratory of NIT conducted several scientific experiments to vividly illustrate the magic of science.
On the spot, Mr Jiang demonstrated experiments of cryogenic and superconductor maglev to students. At the beginning, Mr Jiang handed dry ice over to the students who were very excited about the legendary material. The students were overexcited when they saw the dry ice (like soft marshmallows) hardened instantly in - 196 degrees Celsius liquid nitrogen and was then shattered completely with a gentle hit. Likewise, the vigorous fish was stiffened instantly in the nitrogen liquod, but magically, it revived in water again several minutes later…
At present, there are more than 80 physical experiments open to students and the public in Physics Research and Innovation Laboratory of NIT, aiming to arouse students interest in science and innovation. By demonstrating basic physical phenomena, basic physical principles and its application in high technology, the lab offer students an excellent environment to learn anout science.



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