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NIT Students Invented Campus Smartband
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Recently, a news conference was held in Kezhen Lecture Hall, which exhibited a smartband named V-WATCH invented by Zhao Youfei, a senior student of NIT, and his team. On the conference, Zhaoyoufei, CEO of Ningbo Yinzhou Jiefei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. His team exhibited their products at the conference. 

Zhao is a senior student of NIT majoring in International Trade and Investment. Last year, instead of accepting an offer of a high-paid job, he founded Ningbo Yinzhou Jiefei Electroics Technology Co., Ltd with his four partners. When asked why he decided to start the campus smartband program, Zhao said: “Students often lose their cards. And the wearable devices such as smartbands have rapidly penetrated into the campus. Then one day it occurred to me that we may improve smartbands to make them meet the needs of students.”
In July 2015, the campus smartband came into shape after two-month survey. This year, Zhao and his team finally successfully inveted V-WATCH in April. So far, the number of visitors to the V-WATCH marketing platform has been up to 100 thousand, many of whom bought their products.




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