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Ceremony Held for “Loyal Employees”
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On April 27, 2016,in honor of the 125 May Day, NIT Logistics Company held a commendation for “Loyal Employees” who have been working for NIT for ten years or more. Party Secretary of NIT, Professor Fei Yingqin, and Vice-president of NIT, Professor Mao Caisheng attended the ceremony and 26 employees were awarded “Loyal Employees”.
Fei Yingqin expressed his sincere thanks for NIT Logistics Companys service in his speech. He pointed out that the award-winning staff were the epitome of all the employees in NIT Logistics Company, and hoped that they would make a more beautiful and better NIT. Yu Suzhen of xinyu apartment and Zheng Jiaen, representative of “Loyal Employees” said that they would embrace this honor as “Loyal Employees” and they would continue to work hard, contributing to the development of NIT.After the ceremony, a performance directed by them was put on. The micro-film Invisible Love directed and photographed by NIT students told a story of logistics employees, which moved them almost to tears.


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