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A Part-time Job?
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Dear Andy

Many friends choose to find a part-time job to enjoy life.

Some say it is just a waste of time as some jobs are tiring and boring,but others say it is not bad since it can improve their social experience and increase their living expenses. Therefore, I wonder if I ought to find a part-time job and what kind of jobs should I choose?Could you please help me and share your ideas with me?Thank you!


Dear Ocean,

There are many reasons for students to work part-time. To gain experience, earn extra money to help with expenses and for some to alleviate boredom. Whatever the reason I believe it to be beneficial and necessary for all students. It gives them experience, improves social skills and more importantly, it prepares you for when you enter the real world and have to finally work for a living.

As for what type of work you should do? Ideally it should be related to your major or something that you enjoy. Unfortunately many students do not want to work in the service industry however; it is a great way to improve your social skills, learn about business, teamwork and yet can be humbling. While many of you will be leaders, business people, official’s and even become rich and famous. We should learn humility, patience and gratitude to those that may not have had the same advantages.

Now let’s consider being tired and bored with work. In the real world, work is not always exciting and fulfilling every day. There will be days that are dull, tedious and boring, but, that is real life and no matter what type of work you do, accept that fact.

So Ocean, I recommend part-time work for students. Get out there and learn a new skill and have fun.



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