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Choices Upon Graduation
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Recent years in China, with the rapidly increasing unemployment, many college students who have just finished their education find it hard to secure a satisfying job. Now the college graduates have to face a tight job market. Confronted with the tough pressure of job-seeking, college graduates strive for a better future.

Graduates often expect for a good employer. Many students accept the perspective that they finally have to sooner or later step into society. The earlier they enter society, the earlier they begin to gain working experience which would benefit them in their career path. Thus, many of the graduates prefer to put hunting a job in first place. Also, a great many of graduates are willing to apply what they have learned to practice after four-year study in college. Most Chinese college students graduate start their job-hunting half a year or even one year before their graduation, due to the increasingly competitive labor market.

Meanwhile, studying at graduate schools is another popular choice for the undergraduates those who want to continue their studies for better education. These students work from dawn to dusk almost every day, preparing for the National Entrance Examination for MA/MS Candidates. Through great efforts to deepen their knowledge in a particular field, the students are hoping to have a better future after further education.

The third main choice for the students is to study abroad. It is known that the advanced educational system and favorable career development environment in Western countries have been attracting thousands of talented Chinese students nowadays. For their part, compared with other ways, carrying a master degree plus experience in Western countries will ensure them better employment later when they return.

There is a stirring debate on this issue. Some people say that the young people nowadays are luckier than the previous generation, because they have the right to determine their own future, while others consider that these youngsters are more unfortunate since the high pressure of unemployment.

So what is your choice?


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