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Worries about Future
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Dear Andy,

I will be a junior student after the summer holiday, and I am quite concerned about my future and how to make full use of the following two years. Some students choose to prepare for postgraduate entrance exams, some plan to go abroad, and others are still facing the dilemma of preparing for furthering their study after graduation or just focusing on their specialized courses which will lay a good foundation for job hunting.

Would you please give me some suggestions?



Dear Kathy,

It is difficult to suggest a course of action that suits everyone. While it is fairly common for students to be unsure of their future during the early years of college, do not worry all is not lost.

You have numerous resources to draw upon, talk with your teachers, councilors, parents and finally listen to your heart. You need to decide what are your hopes and dreams, what interests you the most, what area’s do you excel in and how best can you use your major studies. If your major is your true passion, then decide how you want to use it. Would continuing your studies be beneficial in finding employment after graduation?

I would suggest that you join volunteer groups, that can give you experience in area’s that you have never before considered or find part-time work.

So Kathy, there is no easy answer to your question, do I continue my education after NIT or do I join the workforce. Do I go abroad or stay here. Only after discussions with your resource pool and experience can that decision be made.

What does your heart tell you, what are your goals, hopes and dreams? Believe me, all you need to do is search within yourself, the answer is there waiting to be discovered.




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