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The Days When We Studied Together
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Six months’ hard work, two days’ striving for the examination, two months’ anxious waiting, and the last month’s final struggle will give you an idea of what these students have to go through. Fortunately they finally succeeded. Twelve students, in biology major Class 081 made it. Now they are glad to share their experiences and offer their help to students in preparing for this kind of examinations.

Hu Yue said the competition during the interview test was extremely intense. As a biology major, Hu Yue was challenged to major in the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at East China University of Science and Technology. He was admitted to this university with a score of 343. During the interview he realized his lack of professional knowledge. However, he didn't lose his confidence. He said: "Although there is a part of professional knowledge you cannot learn from the class, you can acquire it mostly in the library. You need to get sufficient preparation if you intend to enroll in this university. "

"If you realize it’s impossible to enroll in the ideal university, don’t be overwhelmed by the defeat, instead, you should take active steps to hunt for a sub ideal university.” said Shi Bingbin. His final score was not qualified for Zhejiang University. After experiencing failure in contacting Nanjing University and Sichuan Agricultural University, he turned to the research institute and finally he passed the interview test at Anhui Agricultural University. Shi Bingbin reminded that students need to actively choose universities according to their scores. Huang Chenkang advised that no matter how hard the process is, one needs to persist. Other students among the twelve said, "Students cannot prepare for this big test alone, they need friends cherishing the same goal like the twelve of us. Everyone may feel so lost and exhausted that he can not move forward." Recalling his experience for this big test, Zhou Chuang regretted not arranging his time correctly especially the time before the examination. He was too anxious to sleep well. As a result, his memory and study efficiency had all been greatly lessened. Therefore, it counts to strike a balance between rest and study.

The twelve students preparing for postgraduate schools raced together. No matter what hardships and sweat encountered, they faced them with courage and braveness. For the younger students, if you want to pursue further study for postgraduate education, prepare well in advance and find some partners to support and strive together, then success will be around the corner.


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