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Mental Health Counts-Mental Health Awareness Month at NIT
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In order to promote the awareness of mental health at NIT, the school decided that from November 16 th to December 15th of each year will be Mental Health Awareness Month. During this period, the school will hold a series of activities, helping students to understand their own psychological needs.

The goal for Mental Health Awareness Month this year is to advocate a harmonious campus, and under this context, the mental health associations carried out various activities such as “a letter of Angels: wish wall”, psychological dramas and psychological teachers giving lectures on personal development. The School of Foreign Language Studies also held activities, such as film appreciation, mental health classes and interesting psychological games. All these activities called the students’ attention to mental health and helped them in dealing with their problems. Students who attended these activities said they learned a lot from it and it was necessary to hold these kinds of activities.

Nowadays a growing number of universities attach great importance to mental health education. So far it has raised strong emotions among students. And, NIT’s goal is to show students their own psychological condition and learn skills to improve their overall mental health.

Mental distress is a matter of great significance to students, because many of the modern-day university students are delicate. So it is necessary to take these kinds of actions, and it will have a positive effect on students, creating a comfortable environment gradually.


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