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Yes, It’s Spring, But Should I Go Outside?
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Spring, arguably the most beautiful season of the year, is here again. The NIT campus is vibrant with fresh green grass, blooming flowers, and delightful birdsong. After the long winter months, it’s time for students to venture out of their dormitories, go for long walks, and enjoy the sunshine!

However, spring is unfortunately also the peak season for infectious diseases. Recent news about the new and dangerous H7N9 influenza virus that has claimed over 30 lives in China has made people feel anxious.

To this point, we must emphasize that the best way to improve one’s sense of well-being and to defend oneself against communicative diseases such as influenza is to go outside and exercise. NIT classes have been organizing various springtime outings, and each student is encouraged participate. Such outdoor activities not only enhance communication between classmates, but also strengthen students’ physical health and improve emotional balance.

One student from the School of Foreign Language Studies said, “As a college student, I spend most of my time studying indoors. But on the weekends, I prefer to go outside, breathe the fresh air, and get some exercise.”

An English teacher commented, “As teachers, we hope that every student stays healthy so they will have more energy for their studies. However, we are also concerned about students’ safety. Whenever students organize spring outings, we teachers must consider the potential risks and, if necessary, take steps to avoid them.”

One mentor shared a story about his students: “Once, when my students had already prepared everything they needed to go on a hike, I was told that the event had been canceled because the trip was too far away from the school campus. I was shocked by the news, and the first thing that came into my mind was to persuade the administrators to change their decision.” The mentor continued, “I know that the students really wanted to go out and have fun, so it was a pity.”

Another teacher also offered some advice: “It is fine for students to go off campus to discover scenic areas where they can experience the beauty of spring, but they must also know that their personal safety is the first priority. For this reason, students should choose nearby destinations for their group outings, and they also must be accompanied on their adventure by at least one teacher.”


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