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Dear Stephen,

When I arrived at NIT, I knew that my wonderful campus life had begun. However, as a freshman, I’m feeling nervous and confused. It is a brand new situation that I have never experienced. I have to meet new people and try to get along with them. Fortunately, my roommates are very nice and sweet, and we have been living a harmonious dorm life. However, one problem has puzzled me recently. In order to make full use of the morning time for my study, I get up very early these days. Every morning I try my best to be absolutely quiet so as not to wake them up, but I often fail. My roommates get a little upset and blame me for waking them. What should I do? Thank you!



Dear Leighton,

As you are discovering, campus life is a wonderful experience that involves not only one’s studies, but also learning how to get along with people in a structured and disciplined environment. It’s almost impossible to say that one is more important than the other, as the two are so closely related. So you’re an early riser. I recently had a similar situation to the one you are describing: Workmen in the apartment building where I live prefer to start their jobs very early in the morning, but people like me who live in the apartment complain about the noise. With the first hammer blow or power tool sound, many people are awakened suddenly from a sound sleep. We had to compromise – the workers agreed to wait until 8 AM to begin work. Now, everyone is happy. Talk to your roommates. Tell them your feelings and work out a suitable arrangement. Studies have shown that many students do not get enough sleep, and so they end up taking short naps in the classroom. Their need for a good night’s sleep is just as important as your desire to study. (I’ve also heard that freshmen have to get up pretty early anyway.) Perhaps you can agree on a time when you all can ‘set your alarm clocks’ to wake up in the morning – together, harmoniously. Consider finding another way to organize your study time each day. Your roommates will respect you for your willingness to compromise. Maybe this is the important lesson to be learned.




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