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Student Volunteers - NIT’s Best Advertisement
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As several thousand new freshmen arrived on campus on September 1st to begin their university studies, they were greeted at the NIT gate by many dedicated student volunteers who were unselfishly giving of their free time to help with orientation. Each year on enrollment day, as freshmen enter the campus through the main gate, volunteers from different NIT faculties hold up their school banners to welcome the new arrivals. It is a splendid and memorable sight.

One rather tired volunteer cheerfully remarked that, as of 12 noon, he had already received about ten freshmen. He helped them carry their luggage, go through the registration process, collect the students’ military training clothing, and finally escort them to their dormitory. On the way, he also briefly introduced the freshmen to his major and advised them on how to quickly and successfully adjust to college life. The volunteer commented, “Last year, when I first came to NIT, the friendly volunteer who helped me made a deep impression. I greatly appreciated the warm welcome I received as a new student.” “Now I’m a sophomore, and it’s well worth doing something for my younger brothers and sisters,” he added.

Every volunteer who helped on September 1st was a hero. They not only received each freshman with enthusiasm and patience, but also demonstrated the warm spirit of NIT. Many freshmen would agree that these remarkable student volunteers are NIT’s best advertisement.


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