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2012 Freshmen Class Parents’ Meeting
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September 1st was registration day for the 2012 freshmen class, and on this day a special meeting was held at 2 PM at the Kezhen auditorium. Neither freshmen students nor their teachers attended this meeting. Instead, it was held for the parents of the freshmen, who were visiting NIT for the first time. The aim of the meeting was to introduce parents to NIT and to help develop a relationship between them and NIT leadership. The meeting was hosted by Yang Jiangang, the Associate President. President Jin Weiliang also addressed the parents.

In his address, President Jin graciously welcomed and acknowledged the parents on behalf of NIT saying, “I hope that parents will cooperate with our work to promote the development of students, as well as contribute to the development of NIT.” Later, Deputy Party Secretary Chen Xiaolan introduced attendees to NIT’s system of academic teaching and student education management. Ms. Chen also described the process whereby students can declare a professional specialization and transfer to Zhejiang University.

The meeting was widely praised. Parents said that the meeting gave them a better understanding of NIT’s management and teaching methods by allowing them to communicate with school leaders face to face. Miss Wang, one of the representatives of the parents commented, “We are grateful to NIT for the special attention that school leaders are showing our children, and we sincerely hope that our children can achieve their goals and learn at NIT what they will really need for the future.”


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