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Start Your Life in the Right Direction
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Upon entering college, every one of you must have painted a rosy picture of college life. However, the first few weeks can be a big challenge. There are many things freshmen should know before starting the first semester, so here is a list to help you survive and thrive during your freshman year.

Advices on living

1. Get familiar with your roommates. The people you live with, most of whom are going through similar experiences and emotions are your main safety net - not only this year, but for all your years. Having a good relationship with your roommates will help create a joyous atmosphere in the dormitory and a sense of community.

2. Get involved on campus. A big problem for a lot of new students is a combination of homesickness and a feeling of not quite belonging. Of course, you can chat with your family members on QQ or call home every few days. Meanwhile, you should adjust to the new environment as soon as you can by making new friends, joining some clubs and taking part in all sorts of activities. In addition, cultivating a hobby is another effective way to shake off the loneliness and enrich your life.

3. Manage your money. It is of vital importance to cultivate a good habit in managing your living expense. If you’ve never had to create a budget, now is the time to do so. Find ways to stretch your money - and as best you can, avoid all those credit card solicitations you'll soon be receiving.

Advices on study

1. Assignment transformation. When you are in high school, the teachers tended to lead you through all the homework. In college, the teachers post the assignments - often for the entire semester -- and expect you to be prepared.

2. An ideal place for you to study. It may be your dorm room or a cozy corner of the library, but find a place that works best for you to get your work done - while avoiding as many distractions as possible.

4. Strive for good grades. While good grades could have come naturally to you in high school, you will have to earn them in college - and that means setting some goals for yourself and then making sure you work as hard as you can to achieve them.

5. Capitalize on the study resources on campus. Just about all colleges have learning labs and tutors available. If you’re having some troubles, these resources are another tool available to you. Do not waste your wonderful college life and make use of the facilities in the college.

Advices on personal growth

1. Seek a balance. College life is a mixture of social and academic happenings. Don't tip the balance too far in either direction. Keep this in mind: Study hard so you can play hard.

2. Make time for yourself. Be sure you set aside some time and activities that help you relax and take the stress out of your day or week. Whether it is doing yoga techniques, watching your favorite television shows, or writing in a journal, be good to yourself.

3. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Don’t look to place the blame on others for your mistakes; own up to them and move on. Being an adult means that taking responsibility for everything that happens to you.

All in all, take advantage of your network of new friends and teachers, have fun while learning as much as you can, and get the most out of your college experience.

Additional information at NIT

1. Locations of the ATM :ABC(农业银行)——in the hall of SA Teaching Area and NO.9,NO.18 Student dormitory buildings; SDB(深圳发展银行)—in the hall of SC Teaching Area; CCB(建设银行)—in the hall of NB Teaching Area

2. Mailing:EMS, some kinds of express and the newspaper you subscribed will be sent to the hall of SA Teaching Area. Besides, Shentong Express has the priority to offer services to the NO.17 student dormitory building.

3. The main bus route: a, West gate——①363 to Wanda Square and Tianyi Square ②206 night route to downtown b, South gate——369 to South Station Passenger center, 21 to Ningbo East train station,. You will have a 70% discount if you bring your bus card.

4. Broken equipment:When the equipment in the dormitory is broken, report it to the head of your dormitory building. You needn’t look for a repairman on your own.

5. Taxi fee:It costs about 11 yuan from Wanda Square to the west gate of NIT, about 25 yuan from Tianyi Square to the west gate, and about 20 yuan from the south station to the west gate.

6. Earmark(圈存):The places where earmarking can be done is on the first floor of the library, on the first floor of the administration building and on the third floor in Shilin building.


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