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Divine Tunes – Are They Really So Divine?
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These days, if you don’t know what ‘divine tunes’ are, you are really out of fashion. In 2011, Gong Linna sang her well-known song “Tante,” which became a model for this new musical genre. Since then, ‘divine tunes’ have become a unique feature of China’s pop culture landscape.

Basically, ‘divine tunes’ are songs that have catchy melodies and easy-to-understand lyrics. The lyrics may be inspiring or even shocking, and so they usually draw a mixed response from the public. Recently, a song named “Little Apple” became hot on the Internet, and it was quickly elevated to ‘divine tune’ status among netizens.

To find out what NIT students think about divine tunes, the NIT Post conducted several interviews on campus.

Freshman student Chen Jie said, “I’ve heard “Little Apple” and I think it’s funny. My roommate sings it every day in our dorm room. I think this kind of music is refreshing. We listen to it together, sing it together, and sometimes we even dance to it. It’s entertaining and delightful!”

English major Ye Qikai remarked, “Yeah, I am familiar with this song and listen to it almost every day. I love it! The singers are great, the rhythms make me happy, and the lyrics are easy to understand. I can’t help but sing along. It’s no wonder they’re so popular.”

However, not all students are so positive about these so-called divine tunes. Sophomore Liu Yufei commented, “I think “Little Apple” is funny, but I don’t like it. Even though my roommate sings it all the time, I just don’t get it, even though everybody on WeChat is constantly talking about it.”

Senior student Li Guanjie added, “I’ve never heard “Little Apple,” but I am familiar with “Tante” and “Gangnam Style.” I think these songs are rather vulgar and I don’t like them at all.”

So, some think divine tunes are truly divine while others can hardly bear to listen to them. What do you think – divine or not-so-divine?


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