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NIT Volunteers Win Awards from Ningbo Volunteers Associatio
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The Ningbo Volunteers Association recently announced several important awards to NIT associations and individuals in recognition of their various volunteer activities. The Youth Volunteers Association of the School of Civil Engineering & Architecture, and the Green Wind Environment Association, were named “Advanced Volunteering Units of Ningbo 2013”. More good news came when the distinction of “Excellent Organizers of Volunteering 2013” was awarded to Yuan Yanpeng, a teacher in the School of Management. In addition, four NIT students – Cheng Biguan, Guo Yuanyuan, Zhang Jiexia, and Du Lusang – earned commendations as “Excellent Volunteers of Ningbo 2013”.

Since its establishment, the NIT Youth Volunteers Association has mobilized over 2,000 student volunteers and has organized at least 18 charitable activities. In one activity, funds totaling over 169,000 Yuan were raised to subsidize the purchase of school supplies and sporting goods for the children of migrant workers.

The Green Wind Environment Association, the first and largest student-run campus society at NIT, currently boasts over 1,000 members. According to statistics covering the last two academic years, each Green Wind member spent an average of 20 days per month doing volunteer work. In recognition of the association’s ongoing efforts, it was recently rated among the “Excellent Teams in the National Wetlands Ambassador Program”.


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