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Cultural And Art Festival in Ningbo
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On 6th Dec 2014, which was an unforgettable day for students from NIT. They took part in the Festival of Arts, which celebrated by a company, called Bloom Audio. There, students from NIT were mainly to help elderly people to fulfill their wishes, distribute gifts, maintain order at the scene, etc..

Although time could elapse, the vigorous spirits of students transferred to every one with the cold wind blowing. A student from NIT with uniform yellow clothes said, “When I first come here, my only feeling is cold. But when I see the students who wear the same uniforms as me, they pass though the crowd and accept the smile from the local people. I think this is the happiest moment.”

In fact, Festival of Arts in China is not only an activity, but also contains a spirit of love, which is founded in 1978. Festival of Arts in China is The National Arts Festival, and China’s party and state leader attach great importance to this all the long time. Most importantly, Deng Xiaoping personally inscribed for Festival of Arts in China.

As the beginning of the show, students had put an activity, called Love Outreach, which promoted and developed the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Students there helped elderly people to fulfill their wishes. A volunteer said in a happy voice, “if only there was a person, there would be failed. But there are so many volunteer like you and I, so there is no doubt that it will succeed.” And in today’s society, this phenomenon can also be seen everywhere, liking unpaid blood donation, which was just going on the NIT. The students in the school were all very gung-ho to join in this activity in order to devote their love to everyone.

Festival of Arts in China is to convey each person’s love to everyone who needs help regardless of wealth and poverty. Finally, promoting and developing the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation will make the future of motherland strive for further development.


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