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Tang Wang:A Super Observer
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On August 30th, NIT welcomed a freshman named Tang Wang who boasted two national patent certificates, including “precession scarifier” and “environmental-friendly hammer”. In order to know more about this legendary figure, NIT Post staff had a talk with him. Here is the interview.

NIT Post Staff: Good evening. Thanks for accepting our interview. We have heard that you have more than 100 inventions so far. It is really amazing. Can you tell us something about your success? Or can you share with us the experience and inspiration of the innovation?

T: Good evening. I’m honored to be interviewed, and I’d like to share with you my own thoughts. Actually, it’s not too hard to have your own inventions. I just pay much attention to details in my life, putting it on the go.

NIT Post Staff: We learn that a company is now willing to offer two million yuan to buy your invention. Do you have some plans for your future? Are you intending to start your business on campus?

T: To be honest, now I don’t think too much about starting a business on campus. I want to put all my energy into study and hope that I could pass the Zhejiang University Entrance Exam.

NIT Post Staff: What’s your family’s attitude towards your invention?

T: My family backs me a lot. Without their love and support, I couldn’t have made such great achievements. I love them, and want to study well and invent more to repay them.

NIT Post Staff: Well, thank you again for taking time to answer our questions. May your wishes come true!

T: My pleasure. Thanks!


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