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Alibaba Service Station: We Offer the Best Service
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Several weeks ago, a service station named “Alibaba Service Station” got started in No.19 dormitory building of NIT. It was run by several NIT students, aiming to offer students the best service of package delivery.

Since the service station has won great popularity among students, we NIT Post staff interviewed Xu Wenjia (a junior student in NIT), one of the founders of the service station to figure out its secret for success.

Xu said, “Alibaba Service Station is quite different from those normal delivery shops. We not only want to expand our business, but also offer satisfactory service to our customers.”

“We try to convince our customers that we offer the best service,” said Xu. “It is usually inconvenient for students to find their own packages in a mountain of packages, but we can, based on the relevant information, manage to help them find what they want within a minute. Moreover, we have set up an automatic machine from which students can take parcels at anytime in a day. Besides, four major logistics companies have cooperated with us to offer comprehensive delivery service to NIT students. No more wait, no more waste.”

Xu said, “At the very beginning of our business, we have received strong support from our school administrators. We are really grateful for their help. Now that our business has become successful, we have set a good example for those students who want to start their own business on campus.”

“Recently, we are planning to offer some new delivery services for NIT students”, said Xu. “We want to improve our service day by day, and suggestions from our students are always welcomed”.


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