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“Living Lei Feng”, Sun Maofang
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March 5th is the official “Lei Feng Day” in China. Sun Maofang —a contemporary living Lei Feng, publicized Lei Feng Spirit with the volunteers from NIT in the subway of Ningbo.

Sun Maofang, one of the national moral models, was ever awarded “Living Lei Feng” in 2014. Although he is 74 years old, Sun has been taking care of 18 elderly people, 11 disabled people and many orphans in his daily life since he was in his twenties.

During the publicity activity, an 8-year-old girl was asked about Lei Feng and Lei Feng spirit, her answer was unexpectedly perfect. Sun said to this lovely girl, “It is good that you know Lei Feng a lot. I believe you will do better in the future!” The student bowed to Sun politely. Many parents said, “We need to teach our children to follow the model of Lei Feng. Mr. Sun gives us a great model.”

Towards the end of the activity, Sun asked the student volunteers, “Do you feel tired today?” “No, we do not get tired!”One of the volunteers answered. Sun said with a beam, “You must have felt tired, but anyway, we all feel happy and fulfilled.”


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