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Love Passes on with Braised Bamboo Shoots
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January 18th, 2016, a letter from Mum of Wang Dongsheng to NIT read, “Many thanks go to those who care about me. I will recover from my illness with all of your love.” Wang is a student from the School of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering.

Wang Dongsheng’s father died 12 years ago and his mother supported the whole family alone. But last year she suffered from nasopharyngeal carcinoma. They spent a lot of money on the operation and much more money was needed to continue the treatment. Wang Dongsheng and his mother live in a mountain village where grow a lot of bamboo shoots. Before she was found that she was ill, she cooked many braised bamboo shoots to be sold, but unfortunately, her illness stopped her from doing the business. When the news came to NIT, Ms. Zhang Weiya, a teacher of the School of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering shared the news in Wechat. Learning the news, teachers and students at NIT came to the School of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering to buy the cans of braised bamboo shoots, and those outside the campus also went to NIT for the braised bamboo shoots. Ten thousand cartons of braised bamboo shoots were sold out in half a day. Ding, one teacher from the School of Foreign Languages Studies said, “It is love. I am fortunate to be one of carriers of love.” A gentleman (who would not reveal his name) came to NIT in person and told Wang that he could introduce renowned doctors in Shanghai. An anonymous businessman donated RMB 2000 Yuan after he bought 100 cartons.


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