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Boom of Cafes in NIT
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New term, new look. Many changes have taken place in NIT. One of the most noticeable changes is the emergence of new cafes. Here is a brief introduction to three most distinctive cafés.

Cafe No.1--Yangming Le Café

Next to the Yang Ming Academy, Le Cafe is located in the first floor of the southern teaching building. The café is said to be established for public benefit. Every time a cup of coffee is sold, a cup of milk tea will be given to cleaners for free. Besides, various handicrafts are displayed in the café. These handicrafts are made by the disabled people, and the café just offers them a place to have their products sold.

Cafe No.2- Container Cafe

The principal colors of this café are red, yellow and green. These colors are so bright that they surely catch the eye of passengers. Enjoying a cup of coffee here must be a special experience.

Cafe No.3-Mufan Cafe

Lying in Academic Communication Center, Mufan cafe makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Being well-decorated, it is a good place for friends to hang out and have a chat.


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