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NIT Establishes the Yangming Academy
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Wang Yangming (1472‒1529), one of the most famous statesmen and philosophers of the Ming Dynasty, was born in Ningbo. He put forward the idea of “the unity of knowledge and action,” which has influenced many generations.

Echoing this neo-Confucian idea, the Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, established the Yangming Academy during the fall semester of 2015. With its graceful wooden windows and decorative Chinese paper lanterns, the elegant architecture of the on-campus Yangming Academy building is very traditional. As you enter the Academy, you are drawn to a wall plaque inscribed with an introduction to Wang Yangming’s life and the evolution of his philosophy.

The purpose of the Yangming Academy is to welcome anyone who is interested to learn more about classical Chinese culture, and to serve as a unique venue for teaching and cultural exchange.


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