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Being a Volunteer to Defeat Cancer
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A volunteer team in Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, called Clover, became part of the Association of Cancer Rehabilitation in Ningbo on July 11th, 2015. Some volunteers and some patients who ever received their help were interviewed by our NIT Post journalists.

Mrs. Shu, a volunteer, was very happy to share her story with interviewers in her volunteer activities. She said, “I have been a volunteer for nearly twenty years, I am so proud of being an angel. When I comfort the patients, I also feel happy. Today, more and more volunteers have joined in our team, and I hope that patients with cancer can still enjoy their life even when facing up to this difficult situation.”

Mrs. Zhang, a patient with lung cancer, was cured in the end after a lot of sufferings. She said to our journalist, “Five years ago, I was served. Now, it is time for me to serve others.” Although it is more difficult than expected, she is always good-tempered and scrupulous when caring for patients, bringing them warmth and hope. Mrs. Zhang is also willing to share her own experience with other patients, encouraging them never to give up. Mrs. Dai, another patient with cancer, told the journalist that the psychological counseling meant that you had to put yourself in their shoes.

We should not be afraid of setbacks at any time. There is always a way out. Let’s fight together and wish everybody happiness.


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