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Thinking of Studying Abroad? Join the ‘Dream Mentors’ Group!
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In case you didn’t already know, NIT has a group of ‘Dream Mentors’! The group consists of six English teachers from NIT and one mentor abroad. The NIT mentors have had rich experiences of studying abroad and of participating in exchange visits to foreign countries. The mentor who lives abroad is Mr. Edward Rowse, who once worked as a senior engineer for the DuPont Company. All seven Dream Mentors possess the knowledge and experience to provide useful guidance for NIT students who want to study abroad in the future.

Many students dream about the possibilities of studying abroad, but it is another matter to turn this dream into a practical and realizable goal. Along the way, it is easy to become perplexed and it’s good to have someone to talk to who really knows what it’s like to live and study abroad. This is where the Dream Mentors come in by freely offering their time, advice and assistance. Want to know about the best way to apply to a foreign university? Need some help planning a long-term study program that will enable you to achieve your future career goals? No problem – just talk to a Dream Mentor. They will certainly do their best to steer you in the right direction.

Mr. Li Jun, who leads the team of Dream Mentors, says that 27 students have joined the group so far. He himself supervises six students including three who have already gained admission to foreign universities. Mr. Li is quite enthusiastic about the group. So much so that he thinks Dream Mentors may become so influential in the near future that it will begin to attract members from other colleges in Ningbo who also seek this kind of guidance.

Another of NIT’s dedicated Dream Mentors is Mrs. Ruan. She says that when she was in college, she often felt confused and aimless, and that she had difficulty finding teachers that were willing and able to assist her with applying for study-abroad programs. Now that she is a teacher herself, she wants to offer her assistance freely to any students who might need it in order to help make this sometimes complicated process a bit easier and to increase students’ chances of success.

One of the students who joined the Dream Mentors group, Zhao Ningning, observed, “With the help and guidance of these wonderful teachers, and of course with many efforts on my part, I will be going to the United States next year to further my studies . I am so grateful to them for contributing some of their valuable time to help me on my way to a bright future! I also hope that more students will join the group and that the positive effects of this brilliant idea will continue to grow and expand.”


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