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How to Succeed? Set a Reasonable Goal and then Stick To It
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How to Succeed? Set a Reasonable Goal and then Stick To It

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Recently, a student named Wang Yingda became a legendary figure at the Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, when she received offers of admission from four world-famous universities. Wang, who is majoring in Information and Computing Science, is a modest and diligent girl who doesn’t regard herself as being particularly talented. To what then does she owe her success? In her words, it’s due to her good study habits. In order to get more information about Wang Yingda, the NIT Post interviewed her:

NIT Post: Good evening. Thanks for taking time to join us for this interview. We have heard that you have received offers of admission from several well-known universities. How did you accomplish this feat? Please share some of your experiences with us so that others can learn your secret to success.

Wang Yingda: Good evening! I'm honored to be here to talk with you about my experience. Actually, it’s not really that difficult to be a good learner. I just focus on my studies, hold to a regular routine and then keep on going.

NIT Post: How will you be preparing for your continuing study abroad? What suggestions can your offer to other students who might also wish to pursue this goal?

Wang Yingda: I think that just setting a reasonable goal and then sticking to it can serve as an inspiration and an encouragement for any student to excel. After my years at NIT, I am well prepared, I think, to study abroad. I worked as hard as I could, participated in the Student Union, did volunteer work to acquire practical knowledge and perfected my communication skills.

NIT Post: Well, thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. May all your dreams come true!

Wang Yingda: Thanks!


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