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NIT ‘Love Angels’ Open Their Hearts and Pocketbooks
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On January 12, 2015, NIT held the tenth in a series of fundraising events aimed at stimulating students’ love and compassion. The ceremony in NF103 began with the announcement of this year’s motto, “A warm hand and a warm heart.”

Lu Yanu, Vice-minister of the Department of Student Works, gave a brief introduction to explain the goals of NIT’s fund of student compassion along with an accounting of the latest status of fundraising efforts. Lu also read the list of classes honored with the title of ‘love class’ and the names of individual ‘love angels’. Vice-minister Lu reported that the fund raised a total of 202,574 yuan during the last academic year, and that the total of donations from students in the School of Economics and Trade was three times greater than last year. He added that over the last nine years, funds totaling over 600,000 yuan have been raised and NIT has provided assistance for more than 400 people.

Shen Desheng, a student in the School of Management, was asked to speak as a representative of the growing number of ‘love angels’ at NIT. He sincerely expressed his support for the compassionate efforts and loving contributions of those who have made this assistance program such a great success. One student, Xia Ke, who benefited from this program during a long struggle with a debilitating disease, told his story and expressed his deep appreciation and gratitude to NIT.


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