Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology
Professor Yang Jiangang, Vice President
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Born in March 1959 in Xichang, Jiangxi, Professor Yang acquired a doctoral degree in Automation and Robotics from ENSAM in 1991. He is now a professor and doctoral supervisor. As a member of the Ningbo Municipal-level Computer Association, he is a member-participant in the 2nd YOCSEF Academic Committee organized by the China Computer Federation (CCF) and is also Chairman of the 2nd Academic Committee of Hangzhou YOCSEF. His academic field is computer science and technology, with a specialization in advanced computing and embedded systems. With his focus on graduate education, scientific research, and university-industry collaboration and discipline construction, Professor Yang is responsible for the successful operation of the Academic Research Office (Graduate Management & Discipline Construction Office), the NIT Library, Archives, and Information Center, and the Scientific & Technological Research Institute Co., Ltd.


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