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Hong Xu’nan: The Fragrance Stays in the Hand
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Hong Xunan, an excellent student who recently graduated from NITs School of Management, is now a volunteer teacher in Daishan, a developing town in Zhoushan province. For three years, Hong supported the education of young children living in the mountainous areas of this region. When asked why he decided to do volunteer work after graduating, he replied that he simply wanted to help these beautiful children pursue their dreams.
As a freshman, Hongs future plans were already incubating. During his first summer holiday, he organized a team of volunteer teachers to work at a primary school in Jiukeng. Every morning, Hong and his teammates would walk through the streets of the town to gather students and safely escort them to school. They couldnt afford normal accommodations so at night, they slept on their desks. Even though the living conditions were tough, they felt happy. Hongs team told the children stories of the outside world to broaden their horizons. They also brought a desktop computer and a projector to the classroom to demonstrate modern teaching methods.
After this rewarding experience, Hong Xunan promised that he would return to teach his young students as soon as possible. Over the next three years, he was determined to keep his promise. During his fourth year at NIT, Hong was chosen to participate in the “Three Supports and One Assistance” Plan for Zhoushan. When asked why he decided to return to volunteer teaching, he said that his choice involved more than keeping his promise to the children. In the process, he was also learning valuable communication skills and was making a substantial contribution to society. He admitted that the work was often difficult, but he hoped that more people would choose to engage in this type of activity.
After graduating from NIT, Hong Xunan became a full-time volunteer teacher and was assigned to Daishan county in Zhoushan where he became secretary-general of the new Residents Service Center. He did research around much of Daishan county and found investors to support education projects. In addition, he called on friends and several CEOs of local companies to establish a foundation for poor students. Even though fundraising is a difficult task, Hong has said that he will stick with it.

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