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Guan Erjia: The Power of Setting Goals
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Guan Erjia, an excellent student and graduate of the School of Foreign Language Studies, was recently enrolled in theUniversity of Western Sydney. She was selected by the Ningbo Education Bureau to serve in Australia as a volunteer teacher of Mandarin and to further her studies. When asked how she came to be admitted to this program, she attributed her success both to her experience at NIT and to her strong will. She explained that she understood the power of setting personal goals.
Guan served as a deputy chairperson of the NIT Student Union at NIT. During this time, she had many responsibilities, but she was always able to balance her work and study. What enabled her to multi-task so successfully was her strong goal orientation. Once she had set a goal, she would stick to it, no matter what, until the goal had become reality. In her spare time, she dedicated herself to volunteer activities on campus, such as helping fellow students practice their English and teaching Mandarin to foreigners. She found that these activities prepared her well for her volunteer teaching program in Australia.
When asked about her life abroad, Guan said that she is living every day to the fullest. Every day, there are new goals to be realized. She reflected, “Success will not be far away if you steadfastly pursue your goals.”

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