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Ding Hanfeng: Life’s Unending Quest
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Ding Hanfeng, a graduate of NITs School of Civil Engineering, served as President of the Students Union Association and achieved many honors during his four years on campus, including Excellent Student Cadre, Scholarship Winner, and Advanced Individual of Social Practice in Ningbo.
Finding a Life Direction
When Ding Hanfeng graduated from NIT in July 2005, he entered a national job market crowded with 3.38 million other job-hungry graduates. Faced with this overwhelming competition for high-paying positions, Ding lingered at a crossroads. Like many other new graduates, he was torn between pursuing postgraduate studies and searching for a job. After intense deliberation, he decided to choose the latter option. Fortunately, he soon found work with a construction company. In his mind, this was just a temporary solution; he was not really satisfied doing manual labor. In his free time, Ding nurtured the idea of eventually starting his own business. Then one day, he courageously quit his construction job and set out to become a businessman. Did he succeed? Unfortunately, he soon discovered that his business plan and market analysis were faulty, and that he lacked the necessary capital to start a business. He was forced to go back to ;square one and to reassess his options.
Growth through Failure
Following his failed attempt to start a business, Ding Hanfeng had to devise a new strategy. Becoming more practical at this point, he decided to go back into the construction business in order to acquire professional skills. On the Internet, he read about the Hua Feng Construction Co., Ltd. and step by step, the firm eventually offered him a job. His first position was not glamorous by any means, but Ding showed initiative whenever possible, maintained a positive attitude, and completed each assigned task at a high level. He cultivated a humble attitude towards his colleagues and treated his boss with respect.
Success Brings New Challenges
After doing very well in a series of job changes, Ding Hanfeng is now Deputy General Manager of the Bo Lang Construction Holdings Co., Ltd., and is in charge of construction project management and product manufacturing. Even though he has now achieved a degree of success, Ding is still ambitious and seeks every opportunity to further his career. He once said that, if necessary, he would work until he dropped. But its also necessary to have a long-term vision for ones person quest: “There are mountains beyond mountains; when you conquer one peak, another will always be waiting.”


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