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Chen Xiaoqiao: Taking On Life’s Challenges
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Chen Xiaoqiao is a recent graduate of NITs School of Economics and Commerce Studies. During her college years, she put all of her effort into her studies and as a result was accorded a number of academic honors. She now works in Hangzhou for the Jin Derui Trade Co., Ltd.
In order to reduce her parents financial burden, she chose to take out a personal loan to pay for her university tuition. At her young age, she cheerfully took this considerable responsibility upon herself and set out to make a life for herself ;from scratch. Chen is a person who dared to do something extraordinary.
Gains, But with Pains
When she was a freshman, Chen Xiaoqiao had an elaborate plan for her future. During the course of her four years of study, she managed successfully to adjust her curriculum and to pursue the subjects that most interested her. In so doing, she was able to achieve both personal satisfaction and academic success.
Chen was able to maintain an optimal balance between her studies and occasional part-time jobs. Despite her busy schedule, she managed her time efficiently. She liked to say that her success was due to accumulating knowledge bit by bit every day.
Frustration with Interviews
The road we travel in life is not always a smooth one; everyone can expect to hit a pothole or two along the way. Chen decided to take the infamously difficult civil service examination. She failed the exam, but she didnt give up. She continued to persevere in her job search, despite many obstacles, including often frustrating interviews with numerous companies. Drawing upon the lessons learned during her ordeal, Chen mused that, in the real world, people tend to excel more often due to their outstanding abilities than the number of honors they have won.
Challenges of a New Job
Now, Chen Xiaoqiao is successful as an accountant with the Jin Derui Trade Co., Ltd. Although accounting is a new field for her, she enjoys the work and is positive about her future. After all, Chen Xiaoqiao is someone who dares to face any challenge bravely.

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