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Chen Lin: Slow Growth and Sweet Success
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Budding at NIT
Upon entering the university, Chen Lin felt ;at sea like most other freshmen, but he was determined to bring his brilliance into play and to have a different kind of college life.
Together with several of his classmates, Chen Lin organized and managed a tourism association. This experience gave him a direction for his plan of self-development and served as a practical foundation for his future managerial ability. He also worked in the League Committee office and participated in the development of the Students Union Association. In addition, Chen led an academic team in the Tenth Challenge Cup of Zhejiang Province to win the Second Prize, a memorable event in the schools history.
Blooming at Work
In September of 2007, Chen Lin became a full-time trainee in the Human Resources Department of the Nanyuan Hotel in Ningbo. After only three months, he was promoted to the position of foreman. Then, on May 5, 2010, Chen Lin was officially appointed as the hotels Human Resources Manager.
Chen Lin has a deep love and respect for his hotel staff. In his managerial style, he promotes the cohesive force that teamwork can elicit, and emphasizes the importance of acknowledging each team members value. He commented on his approach, “The quality of a team embodies the values of its leader”. Chen is also reputed to have a charming personality, and to be quite popular among his colleagues.
Bearing Fruit with Family
Chen Lins career is not all that is flourishing. He met his future wife in high school and they fell in love during their college years. After a seven-year courtship, they finally ;tied the knot. Chen also spoke about his concern for his parents as follows, “I hope they will eventually decide to move into our home because it will be more convenient for us to take care of them.”

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