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Cai Danqing Helping Children in Western China
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Cai Danqing was an advertising major in Class 031 of NITs School of Law and Media. A quick look at Cais résumé shows varied work experiences and a number of honor certificates. After graduating in 2007, she traveled toJingyan County, Sichuan province to work for one year as a teaching assistant.
Cai had heard the national call for young people to volunteer to serve in the western regions, and she decided to apply immediately. Her resolute nature and willingness to make such a selfless contribution to society were clear evidence of Cais most commendable traits: devotion and gratitude.
Soon thereafter, Cai Danqing began her dream journey to Sichuan. She brought with her a camcorder to make a visual record of the lives of the people she would be meeting there, and of the other volunteers she would be working with. Once they were settled in, Cais team launched a series of activities which involved teaching and caring for left-behind students. This type of work was a reflection of the programs core values of helping those in need. With her camcorder, Cai Danqing gradually assembled a video “documentary” to show to people back home. Her hope was that if more students are aware of the efforts being made in the poverty-stricken areas of our country, an increasing number will choose to participate in similar volunteer aid programs.
In 2008 , Cais team was honored for their efforts as representatives of “Moving Jingyan”. From all accounts, this distinction was well deserved. When asked, “Why did you choose to go to western China?” Cai Danqing replied, “I wanted to devote myself to improving our society. Whats more, the first priority of my ;Chinese dream was to help improve the lives of children living in our countrys less-developed areas.”

Chen Lili, Zhu Yingjiao, Ding Xuyan and Dong Menghua


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