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Zhuo Danhua: Attitude is the Top Priority
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Zhuo Danhua, who graduates this year from the School of Foreign Language Studies (SFLS), has been enrolled at the City University of Hong Kong. She is the former Deputy Secretary of schools Communist Youth League, and was also deputy head of the NIT Post. Despite her heavy workload, she excelled academically and was awarded the first scholarship three times.
The following is from an interview between Zhuo and NIT Post reporters:
X&Y: Nice to meet you, Miss Zhuo. We are NIT Post reporters, and want to thank you for taking time to talk with us about how you managed your college life. We know that you are a three-time winner of the first scholarship. How were you able to be so effective in your studies?
Z: Attitude is the top priority. Effective study begins with the determination to do everything well. Practically, you must take full advantage of the resources at hand, such as classmates, teachers, and the school library. You must also set aside time to study and review course materials. To master what you learn, look for creative ways to put theory into practice.
X&Y: Was there ever a time when you were on the verge of breaking down under the combined stress of workload and schoolwork?
Z: There was a time that I will never forget. I once got up at dawn and didnt return to my dorm until midnight. I had the task of archiving materials of the Communist Youth League, sifting through first drafts of NIT Post articles from the NIT reporters, and then submitting the articles to the teacher editors. At the same time, I also had some important exams to prepare for. I barely had time to say ;hello to my roommates who liked to make fun of my busy lifestyle, saying that the dorm was like a hotel for me.
X&Y:How did you feel at that time?
Z: It felt like everything was in chaos and that I was failing to manage things. Later, I realized that this feeling only made things worse. If you can remember to focus on the tasks at hand, its more possible to stay calm, even in chaotic situations.
X&Y: One the one hand, school work is tedious, but it is also very demanding. However, you managed to handle your workload very well. Could you give us some suggestions on how to multi-task successfully?
Z: The most important thing is to manage ones time carefully. As the famous saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no man.” You must take action immediately when an idea flashes in your mind, even during leisure moments. If everything piles up into a confusing mess, make a ;to do list, setting the priority of each task. This will give you a coherent plan of action.
X&Y: Well, thank you for sharing your experience with us. Your advice is really helpful.
Z: You are very welcome.

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