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Zhu Ying:Where There is a Will, There is a Way
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Zhu Ying, this years graduate from the School of Foreign Language Studies was enrolled in Zhejiang Normal University in the MA study. 
Looking at Zhu Yings resume, all kinds of honorable certificates and internship experiences were listed. Zhu Ying made full use of her time at NIT, and participated in the social practice activities positively to prepare to step into society in the future.
Speaking of her life during the four years at NIT, Zhu concluded that the time had been amazing! For the first two years at NIT, she took part in various activities which are beneficial to individual improvement. In the meanwhile, she was not only the student cadres in school but achieved good grades on her study. No pain, no gain. Though she was busy at that time, the combination of work and study made her feel fulfilled and a sense of responsibility. As a junior student, Zhu found a part-time job as an English teacher in Shane English School. She told me that once in a while, she wanted to drop it for it took to much time. However, she persisted for one year. That experience gave her a meaningful lesson that no matter how hard the matter is, just do it and you will achieve something you never had imagined, for example, patience and responsibility. For the last year at NIT, Zhu Ying threw herself into preparing for the Postgraduate Examination. Despite arduous winter or midsummer heat,she kept studying to achieve her goal. Meanwhile, she was also the first leader of the English Student Press Corps. She did lots of work in the establishment of the NITPOST and the preparation work was done well. Thanks to Zhu Ying for her devotion. 
When asked what her biggest was, she told me that it was her parents disapproval of the way she had chosen. They held the conventional idea that girls need not learn so much knowledge. In spite of this, she followed her heart to have her further studies. She had a strong interest in learning English. As a famous saying goes, interest is the best teacher. That motived her to go farther.
Her positive attitude toward life and the spirit of persistence impressed me most, and I figured that it was the key to her success. At the end of the interview, Zhu Ying said that there is always troubles in everyones life, but you have to go on and on bravely, thus, success will be in sight! I will keep the sincere advice in my mind. How about you? 

Zhuo Danhua


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