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Zhu Yi: Tested by an Earthquake
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Zhu Yi, a journalism major, graduated recently from NITs School of Media and Design. During her four years on campus, she won several scholarships and also served as president of the Shaoxing Opera Club. After graduation, Zhu decided to heed the national call and volunteered to serve in Chinas developing western region. She was later honored as an Advanced Individual of Zhejiang Province. Zhu Yi served in the Womens Federation of Wanyuan city, Dazhou, and in the Rights Department of the Communist Youth League of Sichuan province.
Looking back on her life, one of Zhus most moving experiences was serving as president of Shaoxing Opera Club. She loved learning about traditional dramatic techniques and listening to ancient arias. To her, working with Opera Club was hardly work at all – it was a simple pleasure, emotionally warm and artistically beautiful.
In July 2007, Zhu Yi traveled to Sichuan province. When she arrived, she was quickly assigned a service position. She adapted well to her new environment and immediately began working to help the local people in practical ways. There was also time for having fun. For example, she always participated in local festivals like Army Day.
When her stint as a youth volunteer ended, Zhu Yi accepted a position with the Rights Department of the Communist Youth League of Sichuan province. Her job required her to deal with many trivial matters and to run miscellaneous errands. It wasnt her ;dream job, but she nevertheless worked hard and received praise from her colleagues and supervisors. She believed all the while that her efforts were meaningful because they strengthened her sense of belonging to a community. Her everyday life was simple but real.
The year of 2008 was unforgettable for Zhu Yi. While she was working in Sichuan province, she witnessed the Wenchuan earthquake first hand. Buildings collapsed all around her. She didnt give up, but instead threw herself passionately into the rescue efforts. She wanted to express her love of the Sichuan people by helping them in any small way she could. The appreciation she received in return for her efforts was often overwhelming. Zhu commented, “No matter where I am or what I am doing, I will always try my best to do what is required and bravely go forward.”

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