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Zhao Mengting: No Pain, No gain
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Zhao Mengting, one of this years graduates from the School of Management at NIT, has received a coveted position as a civil servant in the Hu Zhou Taxation Bureau. During her four years of college study, Zhao took part in many competitions and served in numerous campus positions. Even though she participated in many activities, she also made good grades, which is to say, shes a versatile girl. Her friends affectionately call her “Mao Jie” because she does so much to help others. She firmly believes in the saying, “No pain, no gain,” and believes that success is the result of focus and determination. Sometimes, hard work isnt enough and we fail. However, this is the way life teaches us lessons, and to learn from these lessons is the most important point.
In one of her courses, the teacher asked a question: “What is more important, process or results?” Zhao was deeply inspired by this question and decided to build her lifes motto around it. She thought that if only one does not give up, whatever memories one creates along the way will be the true treasure of ones life. In college, she tried her best to complete all the assignments and to get along well with her friends. She faced challenges with courage and strived to balance her studies and other activities. Like a marathon runner, she always made a plan in advance for how she would achieve her goals. To Zhao, college was platform for her to demonstrate her ability to excel and to accumulate life experience. Her three years of working with the Students Union also made her more flexible and improved her organizational skills. She won much praise from her fellow students and teachers, along with many academic honors. Zhao was always willing to try new things and to challenge herself.
As we know, the Civil Service Exam is one of the most difficult tests in China. Many college students go crazy whenever they think about it because in addition to the fact that its so difficult, its also the ticket to landing one of the cherished “golden rice- bowl” jobs that will secure ones future career. Zhao has always dreamed about becoming a civil servant and working in the government. In order to pursue this dream, she had to be brave and determined. The long and tedious preparation work for the exam was sometimes boring, but she never gave up. Often, she would spend all day long reviewing reference books and taking sample tests. Despite the ;pain, she persisted in her studies. Her goal was clear – to pass the exam and realize her dream of becoming a civil servant. Finally, she did it. She has been accepted by the Hu Zhou Taxation Bureau. After all her ;pain, Zhao is now thrilled to be experiencing the ;gain.

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