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Zhang Minmin and Xu Xinxin: Aid Teaching in Australia
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Three students from Ningbo Institute of Technology have been praised for their volunteer work of teaching in Australia. This program in Australia is sponsored by Ningbo Education Bureau. It enhances education exchanges between China and Australia and supports the teaching of the Chinese language and culture in primary or secondary schools there. 
Student journalists from School of Foreign Languages arranged an exclusive interview with two of three volunteers Zhang Minmin and Xu Xinxin last month. 
Zhang Minim, an outstanding student from the English class 042 said," College life in Ningbo Institute of Technology helped me a lot. I studied in the library every day until it was closed. And professional teaching styles by NIT faculties really inspired my teaching methods in Australia. Here Id like to show my appreciation to my beloved teachers in Ningbo Institute of technology.” The experience teaching Chinese in Australia encouraged her to work in education in China. Now she works in the largest Service Company for Studying abroad in Hangzhou. 
Xu Xinxin, also from English class 042, said proudly during the interview, “It is my great pleasure to teach all the way from China to the beautiful Australia. Its really lucky for me to share my feeling with children there. We respect each other, learn from each other and treat each other on an equal footing and conduct sincere cooperation. The friendship between us has been continuously strengthened. I am sure and I believe that the establishment of the aid teaching here will serve as a mode to promote friendship between our two peoples." 
It is estimated that more than 32 students from Ningbo have already volunteered to teach in Australia by the end of 2011. The establishment of the project strengthens cultural exchanges and friendly relationship between China and Australia. 


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