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Xu Kaite: 50 Million a Year in Online Sales
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“Going to college is a waste of time.”
“Going into business is the most direct way to make a lot of money.”
These opinions are quite common among college students nowadays. Unfortunately, some enter the world of business hastily, and then fail. For those college students who dream of becoming successful businessmen even before they graduate, Xu Kaites story might prove inspirational.
Xu Kaite was an English major in the School of Foreign Language Studies. When he was a junior, he was inspired by what he had learned about Business English, and made up his mind to start his own business. He sold womens business wear over the Internet, and named his product line “BOOL”. Xu set up a team to help run his e-commerce platform, and eventually became one of the Top 100 sellers at TMALL, an online retailer with a total sales volume of 50 million RMB in 2012.
The following dialogue is from a telephone interview between Xu and a NIT Post reporter:
H: Hello, this is Christine. I am a reporter from the NIT Post. Are you available now? May I ask you some questions?
X: Sure.
H: Nowadays, many college students think that studying hard at college is of no practical use. They think that, in order to be successful, the sooner they start their own business, the better. What do you think?
X: I think that students should focus on their college studies. At this time in their lives, it is their primary duty. They should also undertake a variety of other activities to enrich their lives as preparation for their future career development.
H: I totally agree. Some students also complain about how difficult it is for students to start a business. You started your own business when you were still a student, and became very successful. How did you do it? Are there any recipes for your success?
X: Ha! As for recipes, I would say they are interest, will and luck. If you really want to accomplish something, you should first set a goal. Then, stick to your aim and spare no effort to make it come true. In prosperity or adversity, you must keep a positive attitude and appreciate what is good about your life.
H: Yes, ones personal attitude really matters. Before you opened your online store, did you prepare in advance?
X: Of course. Before I open my e-commerce business, I spent two months as an intern at a large and successful electronics company in Hangzhou. There, I learned how to run an electronics store and also how to build a team. I benefited a great deal from this experience.
H: Why did you decide to open an online business?
X: There are several reasons. Firstly, I was inspired by the Business English course I took at NIT. It gave me the motivation and courage to pursue my goal. Secondly, I learned from TaoBao, a very popular e-retailer both at home and abroad, which also offered me a platform to start my business. Thirdly, I come from a business family and they offered to be one of my suppliers if I decided to open an online store.
H: Thats amazing! Your story is really instructive. Thanks very much for answering my questions.
X: You are quite welcome. I am happy to share my experiences.

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